What to eat when coming to Doha – Qatar?

Doha – Qatar is known as a rich place because of its flashy appearance that attracts a lot of tourists to visit. Not only that, the cuisine in Doha – Qatar also attracts a lot of attention when visiting this land. Like other Arab countries, the cuisine in Qatar also has many similarities. The ingredients often used to prepare dishes are mainly star anise and cinnamon to increase the aroma of the dish

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Coming to Doha – Qatar, you will enjoy traditional dishes from luxurious restaurants to street food. The famous traditional dish that everyone loves is Mathrooba. Referring to this dish, I am really impressed because the decoration is not too eye-catching but the taste is really unmistakable. No need to go to a restaurant, you can enjoy this special dish at the Souq Waqf market. And the most famous and delicious dish in Doha – Qatar is Machbous. This is quite an interesting dish, you will enjoy a large plate of rice, chicken, lamb, camel, … with many different flavors to stimulate the taste buds. Those are some of the traditional dishes that are regularly sold at the market. If you want to learn more about Doha – Qatar, check out my Review of Doha – Qatar!

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After reviewing for you some traditional dishes, let’s follow me to discover luxury restaurants in Doha -Qatar. Cellar Restaurant is a place that specializes in Mediterranean dishes. Ruby Wu’s restaurant serves small Pekingese dishes that are probably suitable for Asian palates. There is also a Latino restaurant specializing in Latin American dishes. Not to mention, the cuisine of Doha = Qatar is also very diverse and rich. In addition to traditional dishes, there are also dishes from many places with flavors of many other countries

Going to Doha – Qatar walking around the markets and enjoying traditional food is an interesting experience. I had the opportunity to come here and promptly record travel experiences to share with everyone.

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