Review Avana Retreat Mai Chau Hoa Binh

Avana Retreat – A “small village” hidden in the primeval forest and where smiles always exist, only about 2 hours drive from Hanoi

There have been quite a few articles about Avana Retreat Mai Chau – Hoa Binh – the resort that is probably the most visited this summer in the North near Hanoi. And maybe everyone has different experiences, feelings and journeys.

Revew Avana Retreat Mai Chau Hoa Binh

It’s only about 2 hours drive north of Hanoi although it’s quite close, but the road has some pretty bad roads but it’s worth it, when you want to meet the princess, you have to go to the forest and find her. . However, if you are car sick, it is also quite high! Indeed, Avana Retreat is as beautiful as a rustic, pure princess hidden in the green space of the Northwest mountains and forests surrounded by hills, terraced fields, valleys, and mountains. Waterfalls and natural streams are cool all year round

After completing the check-in procedure, we boarded the buggy to go back to the room to rest. The local housekeeper introduced the resort with 41 villas located along the hillside, bringing a sense of privacy and tranquility, completely away from the hustle and bustle of daily life. Besides, the system of 3 staggered infinity pools designed with the idea of terraced fields is also loved by the children of the Na family.

Avana Retreat Resort

After going up the winding slopes leading to the villa, the interior is made of wood materials, the decoration is minimal and delicate, creating an extremely cozy and comfortable space. The feeling of relaxation begins to be felt more clearly with the woven rattan ceilings, thatched roofs of idyllic palm leaves, and the warm brown-orange walls, interwoven with colorful brocade details imbued with cultural identity. Northwestern peoples. In a few days, I noticed that not only in the room but also in the resort do not use single-use plastic to limit waste, most of the staff are local.

A special highlight right on the premises of Avana Retreat resort is Pung Waterfall – a beautiful natural waterfall, free-flowing and unspoiled. Now, when I sit back and write, I still remember the days at Avana, after having lunch, the whole family went through the poetic suspension bridges leading to the waterfall and chilled down there. Dad works, mother and daughter play seahorses and eat snacks, feel the tiny droplets of dew, hear the murmur of streams and waterfalls, and fill their chests with the fresh air of the mountains and forests, but feel light-hearted.

During the holidays at Avana, we not only had a moment of silence to touch the rustic nature, but also were very satisfied with the dedicated, attentive service, and satisfied with the delicious and satisfying meals. with 100% of the ingredients used in Avana Retreat’s kitchen are grown and raised locally. It’s also an omelet, but I haven’t seen it anywhere as good as in Avana. Only found out that it is organic eggs provided by 500 chicken brothers who are raised freely on the resort’s premises. For a clean eater like Na, just a slice of homemade bread in the fragrant kitchen with “home-made” yogurt and a plate of salad makes breakfast more lovely and full of flavor. Also, highly recommend everyone to try the chicken hot pot, pizza and salad here!

If everyone has free time and wants to escape the noise of the city, you can refer to this place according to your travel experience in the next articles.

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