Review Amanoi resort

Review of the most expensive Amanoi Resort in Vietnam

Detailed review of the most expensive resort in Vietnam Amanoi (Aman Oi) – Aman Doi – Vinh Hy – Ninh Thuan

I was quite surprised when I arrived to find out that I called the wrong name in the usual way, Amanoi, I often read it as A MA NOI, but when I arrived, the staff explained that the correct name was Aman Oi, the word Oi was described. In the familiar Vietnamese way of calling close relationships in family, friends and relatives like Tung Oi, for example. However, there are also people who say AMA PLACE – The word Where is just a place, a peaceful place to find. And to review Amanoi, I also have to learn more about Aman corporation. This is a leading corporation in the field of tourism and resort in the world founded by Adrian Zecha – former journalist and founder of the world’s leading resort chain Aman Resorts, and recently a hotel brand. Azerai Hotels. Because they define their customer base as high-class Lexury, they also rarely advertise or give free to KOL like other places, even when I went in the covid season, the price was not reduced at all.

Review Amanoi resort
Review Amanoi resort

We chose to go in May 2021 at this time in the world there is a heavy epidemic, so the guests are less crowded and fully enjoy the resort feeling Like many other high-class resorts when you book a room, there will be a staff member. The officer called back to confirm the date to arrange the car to pick up. When the plane lands at Cam Ranh airport, you will go straight to the lobby where there is Amanoi’s chekin counter. Here, the luggage will be taken by the staff to the VIP car to go to Resort Amanoi. The large and spacious car is equipped with free soft drinks and snacks and is very thoughtful. The car moving from the airport to Vinh Hy Bay is also one of the most beautiful roads running along the coast in Vietnam, but because the mountain road is a bit roundabout, anyone who gets car sick will be a bit high. From the car window along the coast, you will be able to watch the silver waves with the blue water and the beautiful mountains of Vinh Hy Bay. When the car arrives, the luggage will be taken by you first and will wait at the chekin lobby, because it is 12 noon, so we go to eat at the main restaurant, the dishes are also quite diverse from Vietnamese to European, quite strange. .

After completing the chekin procedure, I will be transported to my room, and the road continues to zigzag up the mountain slopes with grass and trees typical of Ninh Thuan, on the way can meet squirrels and birds. The rooster crows very naturally. Because I am buying a translation, my Villa is carefully sealed before entering, the Resort will arrange UV projectors to kill bacteria to ensure that guests can enter later. Compared to the architecture and construction style, I also feel mixed with the Vietnamese stilt house style and the Japanese simplicity. The first impression when entering is that everything is very neat, the balcony has a direct view of the sea with the swimming pool in front of the house mixed with birds chirping.

The living room is very spacious and connected to the bed, all designs are made of natural wood and are beautiful and have a neat and beautiful feeling. The room will have all the necessary services of a world-class resort. There is a mini bar, coffee maker, wine, beer, desk with sea view ..etc. There is also a fruit plate to buy, especially Ninh Thuan Grapes, you can eat comfortably, eat it all, and the staff will bring the fruit. really attentive.

Next is the luggage storage area and wardrobe divided into two sides for 2 people and arranged right next to the bathtub designed with transparent glass overlooking the cool green forest. There is also a standing bathroom with a direct view of the sea, but fitted with frosted glass. In my opinion, if the resort replaced it with clear glass, it would be unique

Day 1: First experience at Amanoi resort

My Ocen Pool Villa is located at the end of the Resort, so I will have to call the staff first to pick you up. Our first experience was in the afternoon going to the Spa. It must be said that this is a place with poetic scenery and is also the symbol of Amanoi with the special feature of the terrace on the lotus lake that everyone who comes must check here. Compared to other places, I found the technician to be the same, but impressed with the scene and the bed lying face down. Because I was too tired to go in the afternoon, I slept without knowing when the music was clear. After the Spa experience is over, take a photo here for a while and then go home to take a bath and have dinner and it is recommended that you arrive early around 6.30 to be able to choose a nice restaurant outside so you can eat while eating. Sea view and breathe fresh air. The inside will be for those who like to sit with air conditioning.

Day 2 at Amanoi Resort – Vinh Hy

In the morning, I woke up early at 4 am to prepare for the climbing journey. When checking in on the first day, the staff will introduce the experience and you can choose and arrange a time for the staff to come pick you up and guide you as a tour guide. Before booking Amanoi, you should learn about retreat experiences here to register. At exactly 5 o’clock, the staff was waiting for me at the gate, the early morning air with the scent of birds chirping right at the door and the sound of the rooster crowing in the corner of the forest really made people flutter.

The journey to climb Goga Peak, also known as the mountain of God, is quite short, about 30 minutes, and the road is quite easy to go. When leaving, the staff will prepare you fully from clear water, cool towels, walking sticks very thoughtful. I will go deep into the forest for a few hundred eyes and start climbing up the mountainside, from here I can see the whole beautiful Amanoi resort. After 30-40 minutes of traveling, we climbed to the top of Goga to watch the sunrise. The sun was shining brightly on the waves spreading from the fishing boats very beautifully. Looking down from the mountain communal house, covering a corner of Vinh Hy Bay, standing here looking down is really moving and seeing how beautiful Vietnam is. The climbing journey ended at 6 a.m. wandering around taking pictures for a while, then the group went to have breakfast at 7 a.m.

Breakfast is full of desserts, western dishes, Vietnamese traditional dishes. We chose bun thang, bun cha, everything we made was very tasty and satisfying. Because it started to be sunny, the whole group withdrew to the resort to swim at home. Then at noon, the group went to the restaurant under the sea. There is a swimming pool and a direct view to the sea, the day I went away, it was very quiet, sitting and eating with only the sound of the sea breeze and the murmuring waves. The coastal dishes are mainly European dishes, especially Mediterranean dishes, and there are some Vietnamese dishes such as braised shrimp and pork…. There are delicious desserts and ice cream here.

In the afternoon around 5 o’clock, the group gathered to enjoy afternoon tea. Here people can make their own drinks, there are available drinks from tea, coffee, fruit teas, yogurts to choose from, and there are also filter cakes made directly by artisans. In the hot afternoon, anyone who doesn’t like to sit outside can sit inside, but if you go a little late, there will be no place to sit outside if you go on full days. After all that, I went back to change clothes to go to the beautiful Infinity pool to swim. In this swimming pool, there is a very chill angle and a sea view position

After bathing and resting for a while, our group was arranged to have dinner according to the traditional dishes of the Cham people. And join the ceremony to pray for good luck with the shaman. The dining area near the beach is set up at the edge of the forest next to the cactus and lit torches like in the Mediterranean. When coming to the scene of sparkling torches and candles, the staff dressed in caretaker uniforms are very enthusiastic and extremely attentive and hospitable. Very delicious dishes including grilled beef dishes, wild vegetables, octopus salad, braised fish combined extremely classy. Our group ate it all without leaving anything behind. Here, this setup area is quite far from the central restaurant area, so everyone who needs to drink or support something must notify the staff to prepare it the day before. Because going to get it will be very far.

After a satisfying meal in the midst of the vast and sparkling sky filled with candlelight, our group experienced participating in the traditional Cham praying ceremony performed by the local shaman. This ceremony was actually cut down and I only participated in a part of the experience, and the official Cham ceremony sometimes lasted for several days, but we also heard and explained about the customs of the Cham people. When the master performs the ceremony, he will read sacrifices to the gods under the ancient tree with many candles lit, and each participant will put wine in the palm of his hand and smear it on his body to pray for good luck. The feeling of worshiping in the middle of the forest is a unique experience and perhaps this is the only resort in Vietnam that can create such a unique identity.

Day 3: Bathing, painting, archery, learning qigong, yoga, visiting fishing villages

In these experiences, we skipped going to visit traditional fishing villages anymore because we are Vietnamese, so everyone is so familiar with this image, so we spend time swimming in the sea and rowing in the morning. early in the morning and take a drawing class at Rock Studio. There is a very beautiful rock here, so it is called a rock studio, in addition, girls can participate in Yoga classes at the spa lake and take pictures here. Because it was starting to be sunny, I also skipped archery and went to have breakfast, then went back to rest. Afternoon after lunch, everyone proceed to checkout

The furniture has been taken out by the staff and I will pay additional costs. When I left, the manager was very nice, I guess the Filipino and the staff went all the way to the lobby to say goodbye and see you again.

I have gone to all the high-end resorts in Vietnam, but when you come to Amanoi, you will be surprised by the service and experience here. No shame is expensive to cut into pieces. A trip worth the money

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