What to eat when coming to Six senses Ninh Van Bay?

Six senses Ninh Van Bay is not only famous for its natural beauty but also attracts tourists by its cuisine. The dishes are exquisitely arranged. It’s not just a dish, it’s an art. Under the skillful hands and rich creativity of the chef, he has breathed life into dishes to satisfy the most demanding diners. The real sound in Six senses Ninh Van Bay is very rich and diverse with the interference of Eurasian cuisine. I had the opportunity to come here and review Ninh Van Bay in detail.

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The restaurant at Six senses Ninh Van Bay uses organic agricultural products from Da Lat, while the seafood is cooked directly, which is very fresh, nutritious, and ensures food safety and hygiene. There are also some other dishes. Other clean ingredients are also taken from localities, so diners are assured of food quality. Breakfast enjoys snacks, I personally choose some bread with omelet and a cup of hot milk for a delicious breakfast. At lunch, we enjoy dishes with the interference of Eurasian cuisine. After a day of exciting experiences, come back to dine in a romantic atmosphere. Having dinner in a wine cellar will bring you a completely new feeling.

Not only delicious food but also drinks here are also easy to please diners. Coming to Six Senses Ninh Van Bay, you should once watch the sunset, enjoy a passionate cocktail, enjoy the peace, your body will be relaxed, creating an extremely chill feeling. If you intend to come here, please see my detailed Review of Sixsenses Ninh Van Bay!

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Coming to Sixsenses Ninh Van Bay, you will feel the unique and new flavors along with the dedicated service of the staff as well as the chef here. With a simple romantic decoration, it brings warmth to guests every time they dine. Especially the dinner with shimmering lights enjoying dinner with loved ones is nothing like. What are you waiting for without coming to Sixsenses Ninh Van Bay to experience and record your travel experiences right away!

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