Discover the cuisine of the city of Brussels-Belgium

The city of Brussels is famous for its rich cuisine. The food and drinks here are not only delicious but also cheap.

The cuisine of the City of Brussels, Belgium, is famous for its fast food and beer. Walking on the street while enjoying snacks is a great choice. In addition, you can also learn more about some tourist attractions in Brussels at Review Brussels- Belgium

I. Fast food in Brussels

  • 1. Sandwiches

The Brussels sandwich is a simple, yet delicious, snack. They are made from freshly baked hot buns. Inside the cake are ingredients such as: meat, cheese and a little raw vegetables so that the eaters will not get bored. If you feel that the taste is not satisfactory, you can order another sandwich at your request. There will be many styles of sandwiches for you to choose from.

This sandwich is also quite cheap, priced from 6-8 euros depending on the type that diners choose.

  • 2. French fries

When it comes to the cuisine of the Belgian city of Brussels, everyone knows French fries. This is the most popular and popular dish not only in Brussels but also in Belgium. The reason this potato chip dish is popular with users is because it is easy to eat, suitable for everyone’s taste. Not only that, potato chips are also cheap and easy to buy in many stores. It is often served with sauces such as ketchup, tartar sauce, andalouse sauce, …

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  • 3. Kebab

Kebab is a fairly popular dish in Europe, but Brussels is definitely the place to have the cheapest kebab. Despite being so cheap, the kebabs in Brussels are not inferior to other places even better. Similar to Sandwich, but the presentation and ingredients of kebab have many different points. The meat is grilled with charcoal, so it has a quite special smell. The types of meat used can be: pork, chicken, beef, …

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II. Drinks in Brussels

As a city famous for Chocolate and beer, in Brussels famous and quite popular drinks are coffee and beer

  • 1. Cafe in Brussels

Coffee is a familiar drink of the people of Brussels, Belgium. Therefore, there are many cafes here to serve locals as well as tourists. The taste of coffee in Brussels is really different from other places. This is the characteristic of the Kingdom of Belgium

  • 2. Beer

For the people of the city of Brussels, beer is considered the most popular drink. Beer is a long-standing drink and a tradition of the Belgian people. Coming here, we will taste delicious barley-scented beer with a strong intoxication creating a very interesting feeling

To make those beers, the Cantillon brewery must be mentioned. This brewery not only offers beer but is also a tourist destination that visitors should visit. Coming to Brussels – Belgium, you should just walk on the street while drinking bird’s eye beer that will bring an extremely interesting experience.

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I had the opportunity to come here and experience. Take a look at the travel experiences that I have recorded so as not to miss interesting things in Brussels, Belgium.

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